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we help the people in mesquite complete their outdoor desires in their home by providing backyard fire pits and even outdoor kitchens. Such structures allow people to move away from the four walls of their homes and get some Vitamin D out in the sun.

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Welcome to Mesquite Brick Mason Pros, your most reliable source for brick masonry works in the Mesquite, TX area. With years of experience, we have created a quality name in the field of brick masonry. We can provide you with a wide range of professional brick and stone masonry contracting services to meet all your needs.

At Mesquite Brick Mason Pros, we helped many customers realize the backyard fire pit design and installation of their dreams. Most of our customers in Mesquite, TX and surrounding towns prefer open backyard kitchens and fire pits to all other fireplace installations.

We are a full-service wall contractor that provides quality brick masonry service to residential and commercial customers. Our brick masons have been serving customers in and around Mesquite, TX for years. Our brick masons pay attention to each and every detail, design, experience, and creativity. The brick accents they set up in your home or workplace can add visual charm and value over the years.

We can help your repair, replace or reinstall your outdoor fireplace, patio or lift. Renovate your crumbly fire pit with bricklaying, prepare bricks seating for it, build a decorative retaining wall and many more.

Whether you are looking for brick masons for your home or office, our mission is to make sure you get what you are looking for in your outdoor fireplace. In addition to the best in class brick masonry services in the city, we offer full guarantees on all our workmanship. We use the best quality products and we do the job correctly the first time.

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Why Choose Backyard Open Kitchen Or Outdoor Fireplaces or firepits?

Social people especially like to throw parties in their backyards and use open kitchens to showcase their culinary skills. This is what we have heard from many of our customers for their outdoor fireplace installations. Many people still in Mesquite, TX wonder why these backyard kitchens have gained so much popularity in these last few years. Some of them even said that they think it is an unnecessary expense. However, even those who were initially afraid to set them up later discovered open kitchens are the best and they love it.

Outdoor Fireplaces Are Ideal For Parties

By installing an outdoor fireplace, you basically create an open space to entertain people. You can enjoy your party at dinner parties, pool parties, summer barbecues, and more occasions like that without having to go back to your indoor kitchen to cook or get snacks while making sure your guests are also well served. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you can also talk to friends while cooking.

Cook With Your Children

Sometimes, instead of being stuck and bored inside four walls, you want to spend time outside with your children. Maybe you want something other than just watching a movie or playing a game this weekend? Spending time with your kids outdoors can be a great experience and create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime. You can spend quality family time with them and also teach them a vital life skill at the same time.

What Do You Need To Make Sure When Building An Outdoor Fireplace?

While a brick fireplace has many advantages, you need to make sure it’s well built and long-lasting. A poorly structured brick fire pit can give you more headaches than recreation enjoyment. The first thing you need to be sure of is that the masonry contractors you hire to build your brick fireplace have the right experience and can do a good job. After all, you want a brick fire pit that’s built professionally, not a weekend DIY project that is unsafe for your children. If you rent brick contractors from Mesquite Brick Mason Pros, the higher quality of the work promised can be seen from the finished product itself. After that, you will need to make sure that the materials used are good quality and that there is no wall building material made from the left that brick masons do not want to throw. An outdoor brick fireplace can be a small business, but it is still the construction of a brick wall and low-grade materials can completely ruin its appearance, quality, and safety.

The quality of our products, our professional craftsmanship, and affordable prices all are unbeatable.

If you would like to learn more about our outdoor fireplaces and fire pits design and installation services or other solutions, feel free to contact Mesquite Brick Mason Pros, at any time. We would be happy to answer all your queries.

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